Why is Savage The Best Naming Agency In Milwaukee?

When it comes to creating a name for your brand, that shit’s easy, right? After all, it’s only a word or two. 

Believe it or not, naming is one of the hardest parts of our job. At Savage, we build brands. When naming and branding go hand-in-hand, we’re in for a whirlwind of research, brainstorms, and creative strategy. According to Clutch, we’ve mastered the art. We’re honored to announce that Savage has been named as one of the best naming agencies in Milwaukee.



SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. is a household name at Savage. It should be—we came up with it. What began as a two-man, two-drink company has evolved to encompass a lineup of six premium, pour-and-enjoy cocktails in a bottle: from Brandy Old Fashioned to Whiskey Sour.


When we first clinked glasses with SoulBoxer, their brand—and their name—were still in the developing stage. Many classic supper club lovers had reservations when it came to bottled cocktails. They thought to themselves, “Can an old fashioned in a bottle really be bartender quality?” In a literal sense, it was as if they were in a boxing match with their soul.


Daily Wisconsin happy hours also put you in the ring with your emotions. The angel on your right shoulder tells you to have one cocktail and call it a night, while the devil on your left tells you to keep the party going with SoulBoxer’s devilishly high APV. Thus, the name was born.


Cheers to a perfect name for a classic cocktail revival we’ve all been waiting for.



Covey is one of our oldest long-term clients. As a non-profit organization that fosters personal growth for adults with disabilities, Covey’s team is one of our most cherished relationships. When we first met them, they were named Cerebral Palsy of Mideast Wisconsin. They were on a mission to expand their clientele and services to welcome adults of all intellectual or developmental disabilities. So, their refreshed brand identity came with a new name in the process. 


A covey is a small group of birds. They stick together throughout their lives for protection and comfort. As a group, they are stronger, safer, and able to do things they couldn’t do alone. Thus, the name Covey was born, paying homage to the organization’s collaborative and opportunistic nature. Now, Covey is a well-known name in the greater Fox Valley, known for their empowering programs and compassionate care. 


One bird may not be strong enough to weather storms, but a covey can do whatever they set their minds to.


Bublr Bikes

Have you seen light blue bicycles gearing up around Milwaukee? Those are Bublr Bikes—a non-profit bike share program that makes our vast city feel a little bit smaller by offering residents and visitors an accessible, convenient way to get around town. 


When creating the name, we knew it had to be fun, memorable, and uniquely Wisconsin. Find a word more Milwaukee than “bubbler.” A bubbler, or water fountain as the non-locals call it, is a place where people gather and socialize—which is exactly what this bike share program is designed to do! Now, Bublr Bikes is an iconic Milwaukee brand, filling the streets of Cream City with a splash of blue.


Named to Endure and Evolve

Naming a brand is like naming a baby. It rarely changes, so it better be good. 


The perfect name is built to last through years of brand growth and evolution. Equally simple and creative, it should always stand out among the competition.


The Savage team is stoked to be named one of the top naming agencies in the city of Milwaukee. We’re looking forward to seeing what cool brand we get to name next!