What Makes Savage the Best Website Design Agency in Milwaukee?

Savage is stoked to be named one of the best website design agencies in Milwaukee! Our tight-knit team of designers and storytellers come together to build, create, and grow kickass websites—and we’re honored to be recognized for it.


Terra Localizations: Welcome to the Terrasphere


Video games offer so much more than entertainment. They offer escape. Adventure. An opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life on this great big awesome planet! That’s why Terra Localizations is on a quest to make video games accessible across the globe—regardless of language of origin. As avid gamers themselves, the Terra team is equipped with linguist experts, tech-savvy engineers, and a whole lot of video game lore.


When creating their website, we highlighted Terra’s storytelling superpowers with an out-of-this-world design. Wielding vivid illustrations against a dark, starry-sky background, the website’s theme pays homage to outer space. Visitors can immerse themselves into a galactic world—similar to the feeling of playing a video game. 


From cosmic-inspired imagery to space-themed messaging, Terra’s new website flaunts their localization work and attracts new partners on virtue of quality, uniqueness, and expertise. 


Terra Localizations has entered the game. Are you ready to play?


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Husco: Opportunity Awaits


Husco International, a worldwide manufacturer of high-precision fluid control components for off-highway and automotive equipment, called on Savage for a career-focused website. Our strategy? Highlighting how freaking awesome it is to work at Husco!


From engineers to manufacturers, all Husco employees are valued for their unique skills and perspectives. In return, Husco offers a culture of competitive collaboration where high performance, intelligent risk-taking, and practical innovation are woven into the fabric of their existence; where their purpose is grounded in philanthropy, and where there are no ceilings, but plenty of doors. 


The result? A career-centered website that represents Husco’s agility, fluidity, strength, and innovation. Opportunity awaits at Husco, and they now have an attractive recruitment tool for prospective employees.


V. Marchese: Selling Fresh Produce and More—Since 1934


V. Marchese is a premier wholesaler of fresh produce, dairy, and spices—right here in the 414. Despite their success in the industry, and their iconic mustached Banana Man logo, they needed their new website to be as fresh as their produce.


The V. Marchese family doesn’t take themselves too seriously. So, we crafted a website that resonated with their sense of humor, while also showing off their gorgeous fruits, veggies, cheeses, and more.


Incorporating puns and playful verbiage alongside vivid photography of their food products was the recipe for V. Marchese’s website. If it elicits a chuckle or an eye roll, mission accomplished. And if you look closely, you may still see the original Banana Man logo lurking in the shadows.


So, what makes Savage the best web design agency in Milwaukee? We imagine new ideas. We create cool sh!t. And most importantly, we’re brave throughout the entire process. We can’t wait to see what kind of awesome websites we get to build next.