What makes Savage the Best Graphic Design Agency In Milwaukee?

Savage is honored to be named one of the top graphic design companies in all of Milwaukee! Fueled by fresh ideas and snacks aplenty, our design team is stoked to have earned some industry recognition for our brave creativity. 


Discovery World


One thing about the Savage design team? We love creating brands that stand out. The best way to do that is through eye-catching shapes and colors. When Discovery World, Milwaukee’s iconic immersive science experience, reached out to us for a rebrand, we knew one thing for sure: bright, bold colors were a must. 


Discovery World exists to ignite a love of exploration for learners of all ages. By leveraging the power of science through hands-on exhibits, virtual reality, and a massive aquarium, these immersive experiences encourage everyone to embark on their own path to discovery.


Savage brought this mission to life with a custom-designed geometric alphabet for signage, wayfinding, and web design. The vivid, abstract letters alone should spark imagination—guests are invited to look for hidden shapes and words in the new logo mark. 


Discovery World’s new brand design enchants guests of all ages to get up and get exploring. The bright, inviting logo is now plastered on the building’s facade—attracting hundreds of new community members to embark on a path to discovering the answers to all of their curiosities, and unearthing new ones along the way!


Kingdom Prep


Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School began because of an incredible opportunity gap for young black men in the city of Milwaukee. Between poverty rates, high levels of fatherlessness, and a scarcity of seats at high-performing high schools in the area, thousands of young men were not equipped to succeed in life. 


Kingdom Prep proposed a solution to these alarming educational disparities: What if they offered the proper level of intentional support, resources, and Biblical training to empower young men to break the cycle and blaze a new trail for future generations?


In 2017, a group of young men led the charge for transformation in our city. Kingdom Prep’s founding eighth graders built the school from the ground up. They chose the school colors (light and dark blue), decided on the mascot (the KP Wolfpack), and created an education system that addressed growing challenges and opportunities for young men to discover their true purpose in life. 


Savage was honored to turn this dream into a reality. Sticking to the founding students’ choice of colors and mascot, we created several designs and logo marks for KP apparel, sports teams, web design, and signage. 


At Kingdom Prep, students must earn the right to wear school colors through initiation into the wolfpack. Once accepted, the young men of KP wear their colors proudly. We’re so glad we were able to make the founder’s vision come to life. 




The American Society of Gene + Cell Therapy (ASGCT) hosts an Annual Meeting, where thousands of scientists, researchers, and executives come together to present their findings. Every year, this highly anticipated event is held in a different major city—each with their own history and style. The Savage design team gets the pleasure of building a unique, custom brand for each Annual Meeting, drawing inspiration from the location of the event.


For example, this year’s Annual Meeting was held in Los Angeles, California. We built a brand heavily influenced by the “Googie” era, an iconic futuristic architectural style that turned up in the 1950s and early 60s in LA. Graphic elements such as starbursts and boomerangs inspired the design of the event’s logo, with a specific color palette that used existing ASGCT brand colors mixed with shades of a beautiful LA sunset.


Every year poses an exciting challenge for the Savage team to get attendees amped up for the Annual Meeting. The event brand sets the tone and provides a fun, fresh perspective on the city while simultaneously tying back to ASGCT’s core brand. 


Brave Creativity


So, what makes Savage the best graphic design company in Milwaukee? Courage. It takes brave creativity to make things happen, and that’s something we push every single day. 


We’re honored that Clutch named us as one of the top graphic design agencies and we can’t wait to see what cool branding we get to design next!