Husco’s on the Hunt for Smart People to do Smart Things

Global Engineering Firm Partners with Savage for Brand Architecture

Whether you drive a car, a truck, or a tractor, you’re probably using Husco’s highly engineered hydraulic and electro-mechanical products without even realizing it. Simply put, Husco makes machines smarter. Consistently striving to do the (seemingly) impossible for their customers, they believe that there’s always room for innovation. Now, they’re applying that philosophy to their brand.

Husco has the brains to design, manufacture, and engineer anything in the world—they just need help with messaging and marketing strategy to recruit more brilliant and motivated minds. That’s where Savage comes in. Having had a close relationship for several years, Husco trusts us to help maximize their employee recruitment plans with strong brand messaging and strategy.

Husco wants to show potential new employees how rewarding it is to work for a company that allows you to define your own career destiny. In order to properly position them as the world-class corporation they are, where every day is about taking calculated risks and pushing for excellence, Savage is creating a brand architecture that centers around Husco’s collaboration, generosity, and relentless drive to be the best.