Discovery World’s New Branding is Getting Noticed

FOX6 News Covers CEO’s Take on the New Look

Discovery World, Milwaukee’s immersive science experience for lifelong learners, rang in the new year with an entirely new look and feel. Thanks to Savage’s brand architecture and interior art design, guests are greeted with vivid colors, geometric letters, and abstract sculptures as soon as they walk through the door. 

FOX6 News Milwaukee interviewed Brian Kramp, President and CEO of Discovery World: “We’re here for all of the families and children in our community. This was a chance for us to reinvent the organization and look to the future.” 

Savage tackled this project with everything we’ve got—positivity, brave creative, and a drive to do incredible work. The Discovery World team sparked our inspiration and fueled our creative juices. This project reminded us that we work with brands that matter to us, to the world, and most importantly, to the people behind them. On behalf of us all, it’s truly been an honor to work with Discovery World. It’s not every day you meet an organization that exudes passion for everything they do. 

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