Discovery World Reveals Their New Whimsical Look

Milwaukee’s Iconic Hands-On Science Experience Undergoes a Savage Re-Brand

Our world is weird, whimsical, and downright wonderful. Discovery World is an extraordinary experience for guests to immerse themselves in scientific exploration—and now it has a new brand to match!

After years of experiencing inconsistency with their brand identity, Discovery World reached out to Savage to seek a solid ground. We couldn’t have asked for a more exciting project. It was truly an honor to build a Brand Architecture for a team that has a passion for igniting a love of endless exploration in the community. 

As the new branding rolls out, guests are enchanted with the bright colors, geometric designs, and custom alphabet that has transformed Discovery World’s signage and wayfinding. This refreshed new look has empowered even more lifelong learners to get up and get exploring! 

Knowledge is power, and learning should be fun. Discovery World’s promise? Unlimited “Aha!” moments. Just one hands-on interaction has the power to spark curiosity, radiating into a relentless pursuit of further discovery. Savage brought this promise to life in the brand: look for hidden words in the logo, inspiring imagery, and fun facts sprinkled throughout exhibits.

Whether you want to embark on a scavenger hunt in the aquarium, pilot a virtual plane in a flight simulator, or create thunderstorms over the Great Lakes, visit Discovery World and experience the new brand for yourself! Seeing the world differently is just an “Aha!” away.