Why is Savage the Top Digital Strategy Agency in Milwaukee?

After getting industry recognition for mastering the art of storytelling and design, the Savage team is stoked to be praised for an essential piece of showing off kickass brands to the world: digital strategy. We’re honored to be named one of the top digital strategy agencies in Milwaukee by Clutch!



Tankstar, the tank trucking company that hauls dry and liquid bulk commodities across the U.S., was in need of hiring new drivers to keep their business running. The Savage team got to work on creating a recruitment-based brand identity, voice, and website that attracted experienced truck drivers to apply for the role. From there, we built out a digital campaign strategy that targeted our audience directly. The result? Increased website traffic, off-the-charts campaign engagement rates, and new tank drivers entering the Tankstar family—and hitting the road!


A premium bottled cocktail company, ensures that home bartenders everywhere get the perfect pour—every time. Our job? Growing their digital platform to a wide audience of craft cocktail drinkers and classic supperclub lovers. 

SoulBoxer is a household name at Savage. Throughout the past several years, our teams have done it all together—from naming and branding, to launching new products and campaigns. We understand our target audience to a “T” (hint: it’s us) so we know how to get their attention through out-of-the-box videos, a distinctly relatable brand voice, and strategic delivery of organic social media cadence. We’re proud to have built a fan following on SoulBoxer’s social channels that continues to grow every day. We’ll cheers to that.


Greco & Sons is a family-owned and operated distributor of world-class pizza and Italian food. After refreshing their brand and building their new website, it was time to flaunt their products. The key to showing off their high-quality food was quite simple: mouth-watering photography. Our meticulously-planned photoshoots featured all of the Greco family favorites, from decadently decorated pizzas to their legendary homemade sausage. Now plastered throughout their website and social channels, our food photography (A.K.A. our secret sauce) attracts new customers to Greco’s business. 

Savage isn’t just a team of graphic designers and copywriters. We’re strategic with our creativity. We come together to build, create, and grow brands that matter to us—and we’re honored to be recognized for it!