It’s so Trucking Hard to Find Tank Truck Drivers!

Savage and Tankstar Join Forces to Revive Their Brand + Recruit Talent

Meet Tankstar: the family-owned and operated tank truck company whose headquarters sit right in our backyard of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When it comes to high-quality shipping and handling of bulk commodities, Tankstar knows exactly what they’re doing. Hell, they’ve been trucking across the U.S. since 1913! With an established business model and work environment that employees describe as “caring” and “authentic,” there’s no shortage of internal staff loyalty. However, there is a shortage of the people who actually get the products from point A to point B: reliable and experienced tank truck drivers.

While there are a lot of opposing forces in the niche industry of tank trucking, something we’re confident we can help Tankstar with is building an interactive website that does their incredible company justice and speaks to prospective drivers. And it starts with bringing their brand into the 21st century.

“We’ve been around for 109 years,” shares David Schwerman, Executive Vice President of Tankstar USA, Inc. “It’s time to leverage our history and the opportunities we offer to hire and retain drivers.”

That’s where Savage comes into play. We admire Tankstar’s devotion to their people-centric values, and we want to share that compassion with potential future employees. They have the story to tell, we just need to give them online tools and a platform to do it!

As far as what Savage has to say: Buckle up, Tankstar, you’re in for a ride of some serious brand exploration, a recruitment-based website with cutting-edge designs, and messaging that communicates your capabilities and the care you truly have for each and every Tankstar family member.

Enough chit-chat, let’s hit the road!

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