What Happens When a Food Wholesaler Meets a Creative Branding Agency?

Bright Yellow Trucks, Pun-ny Headlines, and A Sneaky Banana Man with a Mustache

V. Marchese is flaunting their rebrand as their new trucks hit the streets of the 414. Look out for bright yellow vehicles covered with bananas—they’re kinda hard to miss.

As Milwaukee’s best produce, dairy, and spices wholesaler in the game, V. Marchese has been selling honest-to-goodness products since 1934. But, that’s also the last time they updated their brand (including their mustached banana man logo). So, they called on Savage to do what we do best: brand architecture, modernized logo, new website, and—our newfound speciality—truck design.

To emulate V. Marchese’s freshness—and their commitment to witty customer service—we figured that a pop of color would be the most appropriate design for their delivery trucks. So, yellow it was. Not only does it stand out against the gray skies of the midwest winter, but it also pays homage to the banana man, who is gone from the logo—but will never be forgotten.

Look for him hiding on the trucks, lurking on the website, and sneaking around the V. Marchese headquarters.