V. Marchese Lettuce Refresh Their Brand Identity!

Milwaukee’s Premier Produce, Dairy, and Spices Wholesaler Partners with Savage

Been to literally any restaurant within a 200-mile radius of Milwaukee? Chances are, those delicious fruits and vegetables on your plate are compliments of V. Marchese, the produce, dairy, and spice wholesaler right here in the 414. Despite their success, and their iconic mustached Banana Man, they called on Savage for an updated brand that’s as fresh as their produce!

V. Marchese’s story began in 1934, when the company’s founder, Vito Marchese, distributed produce throughout Milwaukee via horse and buggy. He was known affectionately as the Banana Man because he would dole out bananas to the kids that rode his rails. Now that’s a story, huh?

Three generations later, this family-owned company is committed to providing quality produce, dairy, and spices—and exceptional service—to Midwestern businesses. We’re excited to help them freshen up their brand!