Savage News: Introducing Mary

The Peacekeeper Among the Savages

Mary Carroll, our new resident organization expert and pop culture enthusiast, has already put her account management skills to the test and passed with flying colors. 

Always on the hunt for the best creative solution to every problem, Mary’s calm and collected nature provides structure amongst the chaos of creativity. 

It’s pretty obvious why we’re stoked to have Mary in our office. But why did she choose to join our small but mighty team? 

Mary is intrigued by our fool-proof approach: analyze, architect, and activate. She’s looking forward to being fully immersed in our creative process. Her job in this operation? Essentially organizing all of our lives, so we can (smoothly and efficiently) see kickass brands come to life! 

From bringing us donuts on her first day, to lightening the mood with her unconventional one-liners, we couldn’t be happier to have Mary on the Savage team.