Terra Localizations Nabs Savage Once Again

Good news for gamers around the world! Terra Localizations, the powerhouse woman and minority-owned organization, goes above and beyond your average video game translation system—and their new brand identity will flaunt it.

Ever watched a foreign film that was poorly dubbed over in English, prompting an awkward, borderline unwatchable, script? It was probably translated word-for-word, discounting the cultural significance of slang and sarcasm.

Same thing goes for video games. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have the human brain power to build out translations for niche gaming lore. It takes a collection of highly skilled, multilingual gamers who understand the lingo and cultural identity of various languages. Wielding their expertise in linguistics, technology, and creativity, the Terra Localizations team unlocks tailor-made solutions to video game companies seeking a global audience.

The story of Savage and Terra began in 2020, when sister company, Terra Translations, called on us to refresh their brand identity. Marina Ilari, CEO of both Terra Translations and Terra Localizations, was so thrilled with the creative process and vibrant outcome, she sought us out for another brand makeover.

The Terra team is committed to their clients because they share one thing in common: their passion for immersing players in a captivating gaming adventure. Terra Localizations has the word wizards and the technical expertise to make it all happen. Our job? Build brand architecture and an updated website to complement their love of the game.