Why Rebrand?

Why rebrand? Telling your story is why, and Savage is how. These are Savage’s top 4 arguments to why we encourage brands to execute a riveting rebrand.

Refresh, Revamp, Revive

Whether you’re seeking a new logo, website, or strategy, a rebrand will bring your brand back to life for the modern consumer. With evolving technology and trends, it’s important for brands and businesses to maintain their customers’ interest. The goal of a rebrand is to not only enhance your visuals and graphics, but your brand position and execution as well. Think of it as a brand renovation: gut out the old, outdated aspects of your brand and create something intricately beautiful and new.


Boomin’ Brand Awareness

Let’s knock your brand out of the park. Build something bold to let the whole world know who you are and what you do. From recognizable work to stand-out graphics, building brand awareness can strengthen your potential and current customer relations. Whether you’re in a saturated market or a one-of-a-kind product venture, it’s important for your customers to easily identify your brand amongst others. The first impression of your brand creates an image in the consumer’s mind, uniquely correlating their perspective of who you are to what you show to the world.


Team Morale Boost

Building a brand is a team effort. When going through a rebrand, you will often see a lift in overall company morale. It’s one of the ancillary bonus effects of undergoing the rebrand process—people will feel vested and proud of the brand they work for, resulting in a profound increase in productivity. Think about perspective—who is your brand to each level of associate? Every individual should be able to see the culture reflected behind your brand execution. The goal is to build up your brand and create brand ambassadors who are there to support and sell. 

Tell a (Savage) Story

Brand is beyond a logo. Your brand is your story. Through voice, logo, website, content, and more, your brand creates a conglomerate of what you stand by and how you execute it. Here at Savage, you’re the master of storytelling and we’re the creative geniuses behind it. Let us bring your brand to life, from messaging and design to evolution and experience. Let’s grow your brand to the next level—together. We’d love to chat here!