Creating opportunities that foster personal growth

A non-profit organization in Wisconsin’s greater Fox Valley, Covey is devoted to creating opportunities that foster personal growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Spend a day at Covey’s respite house, and their compassion is contagious. With strong values and an incredible mission, Covey partnered with Savage to create a brand that truly emulates their culture of caring.


  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Content
  • Long-term Partnership
  • Naming
  • Website

The Client: Covey

Covey is committed to using knowledge, compassion, and care to help their participants reach their highest potential. With ever-evolving programs and customized caregiving, Covey works carefully to design an environment that empowers individuals to discover their passions and pursue their dreams. 

The Challenge

Navigating Change

Originally named Cerebral Palsy of Mideast Wisconsin, Covey was expanding their clientele and welcoming adults of all intellectual or developmental disabilities. They needed a new name, a refreshed brand identity, and a modernized website to emulate the evolving direction of their organization. 


Because Covey exists to empower people, we wanted to uplift their brand to a new level—showing their true colors to community members, donors, and families of adults with disabilities.

The Strategy

Stronger together, like birds of a feather


A covey is a small group of birds. They stick together throughout their lives for protection and comfort. As a group, they are stronger, safer, and able to do things they couldn’t do alone. Thus, the name “Covey” was born, paying homage to the organization’s collaborative and opportunistic nature. 

There’s a lot to learn about individuals with special needs. Quite frankly, most people hold common misconceptions and harmful stereotypes about disabilities. When building Covey’s brand architecture, it was of the utmost importance that their messaging was accessible and educational—building invaluable trust to their audience and fostering a more inclusive society. 

We balanced Covey’s educational voice with a welcoming brand identity. Sprinkled with illustrated feathers and bright colors, Covey’s brand evokes feelings of comfort, familiarity, and community. 

One bird may not be strong enough to weather storms, but a covey can do whatever they set their minds to. 



 The sky’s the limit!

Covey is a community of passionate individuals—participants, staff, caregivers, and volunteers—working together to create possibilities. Much like birds, the Covey community is full of endless explorers, always looking for the next opportunity to fly high.

By building a refreshed brand and an SEO-driven website, Covey’s organic website traffic grew exponentially. They have more brand awareness than ever before, as community members flock to the website to view educational blogs and on-brand videos. Throughout our long-term partnership, we have absolutely loved watching Covey expand their services, care programs, and adaptive housing—truly changing lives on a daily basis. 

Savage is honored to be able to contribute to a more accommodating world—one blog post at a time.

Since working with Savage, we’ve gotten so much positive feedback about our website and other marketing materials they have created for us. They're not just a vendor, but a valued part of our team. We would be lost without them."

Pam Schutz, CEO of Covey