Penrod Gets Their Groove Back… and Some Lead Gen

Penrod is really stellar at Salesforce. They just didn’t know how to articulate that to the world. What they did know, however, was that their current website wasn’t doing a good job of it. Savage partnered with Penrod to build a distinctive messaging platform, a dual purpose website for recruiting new talent and communicating what they do—customize Salesforce solutions—and create keyword-driven content. 


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  • Content
  • Website

The Client: Penrod

Penrod is a collective of Salesforce consultants—with grit. An official Salesforce Health and Life Sciences Expert Navigator, Penrod wields the power of Salesforce to create amazing sales, engagement, and community platforms for medical device companies, healthcare providers, insurance payers, labs, and pharma. 

Headquartered in Milwaukee with offices across the United States, Penrod is beloved for their unique, community-minded culture and is continuously recognized as a best place to work. 

A screenshot of the Penrod website.

The Challenge

Designing a Better Digital Experience

When you’re the yourself, like Penrod, you need a website. Penrod knew that. That’s why they weren’t fans of their current site. It didn’t reflect their personality. Hell, it didn’t even tell anyone what they did, and to top it off, it was unfriendly for both frontend and backend users. 

So, Penrod came to Savage. “We need a better digital experience,” they said. 

“We can build a better digital experience for you,” we said.

More than a Website

Penrod chose to work with us because of our process and the potential we saw for their company, which shone through in the presentation given by our President, Cory Savage, and our Digital Strategist, Bryce Mikkelson. 

The Strategy

Think BIG [Picture]

We kicked off this project by interviewing Penrodians at their Milwaukee HQ, which is conveniently just a few blocks from Savage HQ. After we played with all their dogs and drank all their cold brew, we talked to people in Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales to get a feel for the place. Then we got to work. 

What we discovered was that Penrod and Savage actually had a lot in common when it came to culture. That made things easier. We basically built the kind of a custom website we would want for ourselves: bold, friendly, and full of fun animations. Finally, Penrod was starting to look and sound like the awesome, Salesforce jedis they are. 

A content partnership helped Penrod get the word out about all their skill sets. Savage worked with their team to write everything from informational blogs to case studies. 


The Result

Bells, Whistles, and a Disco Ball

We unveiled Penrod’s new website with all its bells and whistles—and a disco ball. The site had been pulling its weight, not only communicating what Penrod does, but highlighting the perks of working at Penrod, new hires, company insights, product updates, case studies, and more. 

Since working with Savage, Penrod has proven the strength and talent of their team by building a powerful marketing department. They’ve taken the reins on their own content and continue to drive conversions through SEO and keyword research. Here’s a breakdown of their increased website traffic which converted into some groovy lead generation: 

  • 2017 Organic Website Traffic: 7,720 
  • 2018 Organic Website Traffic: 17,440 (+126%)
  • 2019 Organic Website Traffic: 28,725 (+65%)
  • 2020 Organic Website Traffic: 29,319 (+2%) 
  • 2021 Organic Website Traffic: 37,773 (+29%)

Penrod’s shiny new site is a prime example of the awesomeness that can happen when creative and strategic minds join forces. We think we’ll leave the Salesforce stuff to them, though. 

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