What is Included in a Rebrand?

What is included in a rebrand:

  • Discovery and discussion
  • Identity
  • Visuals and representation
  • Execution

Rebranding a business process that includes redefining the core values of your company, learning how to visually and verbally represent them, and executing your brand story to the world. 

While rebranding can vary depending on what aspects of your business you’re trying to improve or revamp, the general process of discovery remains similar from brand to brand: unearthing your brand identity and showing it off in a memorable, creative way. 

Discovery and Discussion

The first step in rebranding is easier said than done: redefining the core values on which your brand is built. Discover the ‘why’ behind the work you do and how it empowers your team, your clients, and your hopes for the future of the company. This process allows you to dig deep on what really matters and enable new, exciting ideas to brew.  


A rebrand allows you to discover the purpose behind the work you do. It comes down to your core brand identity—who are you? What makes your brand unique, and why? Self-reflection is hard (trust us, we know), but nailing down on your identifiers, unique qualities, and stand-out factors allows you to highlight what makes your business distinct.

Visuals and Representation

Once we get the ball rolling, it’s time for the fun stuff: the creative direction. Seeking a completely new, out-of-the-blue color scheme and website? We got it. Scared to ditch your initial, hand-drawn logo? Don’t fret, we’ll work with you on it. This is the time you trust the outrageously cool agency you’ve chosen for your rebrand (a.k.a Savage) to take everything you’ve given us and express it creatively. 


It’s time for the big bang: launch, land, and love. From the first click of your new website to the social post flaunting your new logo, this is by far the most exciting and rewarding time of a rebrand. Completing the final chapter of your brand’s story—showing it off! Use your plethora of new brand tools and guidelines to share your creative story to the world. 

Not sure where to start? Read about why you should rebrand, then let’s talk.