Pinsa Romana America

Sharing the Love of Pinsa

A commercial baker revolutionizing the way the U.S. enjoys pizza needed a brand architecture to help communicate the artisanal flavor, boundless versatility, and health benefits of their par-baked pinsa crusts. They called on Savage to establish themselves as the leader in the Roman pizza industry and build messaging to convey their passion and warmth. 


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The Client: Pinsa Romana America

Pinsa Romana America, the exclusive provider of authentic Roman-style pizzas in the U.S., brings a taste of Rome to American dinner tables. With the blessing from the legendary Di Marco family who refined this revolutionary recipe, Pinsa Romana America knew they had big shoes to fill. 

Carlo working with a chef to make pinsa.

The Challenge

Overwhelmed with Opportunities

Our relationship with Pinsa Romana America dates back to 2018, when owner, Chef Carlo Pedone, asked Savage to help build a brand identity. Once we designed the logo, Carlo took advantage of every pinsa-related opportunity he could. From selling bags of flour, to teaching pinsa-making courses across the globe, Pinsa Romana America’s brand was a kaleidoscope of complex ideas. With endless opportunities in front of them, Pinsa Romana America paused their marketing efforts and explored their options.

We took a break while Carlo and his team figured out what opportunity they wanted to focus on, and we can confidently confirm the old adage—absence really does make the heart grow fonder. In 2021, we reconnected, and knowing that Pinsa Romana America was all-in on handcrafting and delivering par-baked pinsa crusts, we were finally ready to get down to business.

The Strategy

All About that Crust

There is nothing Pinsa Romana America loves more than bringing people together through great food. What better way to share this joy than by offering a convenient, cost-effective solution for every kitchen? 

Carlo Pedone’s experience as a restaurant owner himself immediately earned the trust of chefs and restaurateurs. Savage built messaging that communicates the authenticity and care that goes into every crust. From the artisanal craftsmanship, to the high quality ingredients, and the SQF-certified facility for best food safety practices, Pinsa Romana America knows what it takes to thrive in the food industry. 

Pinsa is a special dish. The crust is a centuries-old recipe, reimagined to enchant modern palates. It’s what makes this product so unique. While traditional pizza crust is simply a vehicle for toppings that often leads to regret, pinsa is engineered for a healthful diet and is an integral part of the dining experience. 

Despite pinsa’s ancient history, it’s still relatively new to the U.S. Therefore, Savage built the website around educating the masses on the origins and benefits of pinsa, as well as business collateral for industry partners and distributors. 


The Result

Gracing Tables Across the U.S.

What started as a new logo design in 2018 for a multi-faceted flour and crust company, evolved into a brand exuding passion for their sole product: par-baked pinsa crusts. 

Pinsa Romana America has always been passionate about the foods they serve, and now they have a brand that represents that. They have already grown exponentially, and are ready to share their revolutionary product with more people than ever before!



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