Refreshed and Ready to Pita!

In 2020 (aka the year of the “rona”) Savage and Roti redefined “resilience” as the healthy, fast-casual restaurant brand added survival campaigns on top of an ongoing brand refresh. Now, Roti is not only back in business—they’re ready to pita.


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The Client: Roti

Roti is a fast-casual restaurant, serving up craveworthy, health-conscious cuisine in the nation’s bustling metropolitan areas. From crispy falafel, savory proteins, fresh veggies, pillowy pita breads, a rainbow of sauces and more, Roti invites guests to rethink their lunch or dinner, and build something that’s delicious and customized to them. 

The Challenge

Navigating the “New Normal”

Three weeks after we shook hands with Roti, disaster struck. Literally. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to pivot from our awareness campaign (and to stop shaking hands) to pushing curbside pickup and contactless delivery messaging.

With all creatives on deck and another agency partner working on refreshing Roti’s brand, Savage ventured into rapidly shifting territory, exploring uncharted advertising channels, filming big production-quality commercials in basement studios, refreshing digital menu boards, and more. From rally cries to recruitment campaigns, we aligned with Roti’s mantra of Crave Better, creating assets to attract health-conscious consumers and adventurous foodies to choose Roti–and discover their go-to meal.

The Strategy

Get Scrappy and Get Moving!

If content was king before, in the new normal, it’s an all-powerful deity. And it’s consumed ten times as fast. We knew that any advertisement we ran had no more than 2.7 seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention. Which meant we had to MOVE! 

Our graphics did, too. 

We created fun, snappy animations that waved and wiggled on Instagram stories, as well as commercials to announce new dishes and store re-openings. And we did whatever it took to make it happen, even if that meant our Chief Creative Officer transforming his basement into a flatbread kitchen/film studio. 

We also ran with Roti’s new brand, using it to design menu boards, refine the customer journey on-prem and online, and brought it to life in-store through interior design. 


Someone holding a cell phone while looking at a hummus bowl ad for Roti.
An Roti in-store sign that says our vibe is our superpower.
Two posters on the windows of Roti that say heck yeah for hummus.

The Result

On the Fast Track to Fast-casual Restaurant Success

By mid-2021, Roti re-opened all of their stores—including a handful of new locations. Their loyal customers are back and hungrier than ever, and  thanks to all of our collaboration during an unprecedented time in world history, this fast-casual restaurant is on the fast track to success! 


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